OYM 1 – Motivation, Drive & Goals

This is the first in a mini-series based on an excellent course called Organize Your Mind. We’ll learn about new brain and behavioral research and how we can leverage it to help us accomplish our goals.

Designing and living out the lifestyle you want is much easier when you understand how your amazing brain works!!


Dinner Time – Let’s Take A Closer Look

Hear some insights from an informal poll I’ve been conducting about how people eat dinner – and – learn some specific ways to make your evening meal a true gift. It really can be!

By the way, this message will help with mindfulness and meaning around any meal – not just dinner.

When Life Is Hard & You Only Have Cookies

Here we look at helpful truths for liberated eating when stress is high and life is difficult and we have little control over the food that’s available.

* Margaret in my husband’s mother. Our family calls her Monner.

*You can find more about the bus analogy in my book, The Liberated Eater, Chapter 18. Using the bus metaphor is a helpful way to manage negative thoughts without giving them too much power. 

Multi-Task Eating

When we do other things while we’re eating what does tell us about how we view the act of nourishing ourselves? This message gives us some practical helps and some food for thought.

Interview with Dr. Stephanie Eidson

Stephanie shares her journey with food, weight release and a “big picture” perspective. As a pediatrician and a food lover and a busy mother she has some very helpful insights for us.