Introduction to The Liberated Eater…

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Welcome to The Liberated Eater!


PLEASE pardon the mess this week as we transition…

The Liberated Eater is for those who long to live  peacefully with food and body. If you’re worn out with dieting, compulsive overeating, body anxiety and food preoccupation then you have found a home.

Through encouraging coaching, proven principles, tools and support anyone can build a whole new food-life. TLE is not a diet or a program. It is a way of being with food that works, for life.

Our goal is FREEDOM:

•    freedom to enjoy food and live peacefully with it
•    freedom to think about living rather than losing weight and dieting
•    freedom to live in a healthy, energetic body at a consistent, comfortable weight
•    freedom to trust yourself and your body rather than following strict diet and exercise rules

Our Workshop and coaching process will:

1.    lead you to the principles and tools you need for change
2.    give you the coaching you need to make this your own
3.    teach you to coach yourself through any food situation
4.    support you until this new way is your new normal

Please look around and make yourself at home. Feel free to email me with any questions.

There’s one thing I know about you already: you can accomplish what you want to accomplish with your food-life, in spite of obstacles and past patterns.

I am for you!