Is Late Night Eating Sabotaging You?

eating-refridgerator-night-200x150Late night eating can sabotage our weight and health goals.

Here are some changes/thoughts that will help:

  •  Late night eating happens often for people who try to “eat light” all day. Not fueling well during the day catches up with us and we end up snacking at night.
  • This leads to another unhelpful pattern – NO BREAKFAST. When we eat late at night we may not be hungry for breakfast…or think we don’t deserve it. The cycle perpetuates itself. Eating light during the day leads to overeating at night. Try a protein-rich breakfast for two weeks and see what happens.
  • You need fuel during the day. In the evenings we’re gearing down for bed. This makes heavy dinners or late night snacking unnecessary and counter-productive.
  • We often want a reward at the end of a long day. Make dinner slow and enjoyable, satisfying and memorable. If we fly through dinner at the frenetic speed of the day we’ll keep “wanting a little something” all evening.
  • Make dinner substantial. Savory protein, healthy fats, whole grains and fresh plants. Fats and proteins are the most satisfying foods and your stomach will be happy with them all night.
  • Remember carbohydrates are high energy fuel. They burn fast and don’t satisfy for long. They belong in the high energy part of the day – from morning to afternoon. Get enough complex carbs in the day to scratch that itch and begin to make dinner more about slow burning fuel.
  • Change things up! If everything stays the same you’ll probably continue to act the same. If you don’t want to eat after dinner but you’re sitting in the same place, doing the same thing, wearing the same cozy PJs, in the same room where you always eat at night – chances are you’ll eat – even if you aren’t hungry. Change begets change.
  • Find 3 new ways to treat yourself. Try them out this week. You’ll probably be surprised how invigorating a change of pace can be!  Music, a warm bath, a peaceful stroll, a good game of poker…

Don’t miss how powerful this is. Changing this one late night habit can change your health and weight drastically.

Let us know what’s helped you change your late night eating scripts…