Find & Fix Your " Drinking Problem "


Drinking Problem

There are many reasons we might be carrying more weight than we wish we were – but one common reason is hidden fuel…those places where we’re taking in fuel without even realizing it.

Food we drink, rather than eat, is one of the easiest to miss.

On average Americans now drink 470 calories of fuel a day.

This is easy to do without realizing it for several reasons. We often drink on the run – so it doesn’t register. We drink without chewing (of course) – so it doesn’t register. We can carry something to drink around all day – so it doesn’t register. Since it doesn’t register we tend to eat our usual amount without taking into account the fuel we’ve been drinking all day.

The additional liquid fuel can lead to weight gain without the usual feeling of being too full – so we wonder why on earth our pants feel so tight…after all “I just don’t eat that much”.
The tough thing here is that even when your mind doesn’t register fuel – your body does. It has to store what isn’t used.

To get a handle on possible mindless drinking, ask yourself a few questions:

• What do I drink when I wake up?
• What do I drink with breakfast (or in place of breakfast)?
• What do I drink when I drive?
• What do I drink with lunch?
• What do I drink at my desk, in the break room, between meals, etc.?
• How many colas, sports drinks, juices, etc. do I drink?
• What do I drink with dinner?
• What do I drink after dinner?

Now, do some research so you know how much fuel you’re drinking.This is powerful information.

A great guard against a mindless drinking problem is to decide to drink one glass of water for every other drink in your day. This is a great start toward moderation, toward awareness, and toward getting enough water – which is the one liquid your body craves.

This small step can make a BIG difference over a year’s time.

BTW – If you’re not a water lover, give seltzer water with lime a try. It has the fizz and bite you’ll love! Add a bit of cranberry juice for color and extra Vitamin C.

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