Don't Complicate Things This Christmas

Don't Complicate Things This ChristmasThoroughly enjoying Christmas holiday goodies without regret is quite doable. Don’t over-think it…just pick a tool and use it. They really work!

  • Take three relaxing breaths before you take a bite
  • Think of yourself as a holiday food connoisseur – discerning and “picky”
  • Enjoy medium/small bites
  • Put your fork or food down between bites
  • Eat slowly, savoring each unique bite

Remember, mindful eating is not theoretical. It is experiential. As we practice mindfulness, we become more mindful. As we become more mindful we stop overeating and then we begin to reap all kinds of benefits! Energy goes up and weight goes down.

Make this the most enjoyable Christmas season you’ve had in a long long time. All it takes is a few simple tools.


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