What Is "Clean Eating" Anyway?

What Is "Clean Eating" Anyway?As liberated eaters we certainly have permission to eat what we want. No more FOOD RULES from people who don’t know us.

We also are adopting the 13 Core Beliefs of Intuitive Eaters more and more deeply everyday of our journey. Why? Because we want to be fully and richly alive!

Our first core belief is this:


I eat, drink, play, work, move and rest in a way that causes me to be well.

My goal is to thrive, rather than weight loss alone. 

Clean eating is one concept worth exploring. Others might be: Whole foods, Mediterranean food, Bright Line Eating, Blue Zone…plenty of thoughts/concepts to research on our way to finding our own personal sweet spot with food and our body.

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First Easy Steps to Eating Real Food

Have fun exploring and let us know what YOU find out!


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