What If You Woke Up With a New Body ?!

surprizedConsider this interesting question: What if, by some miracle, you woke up in the morning in the body you want (not somebody else’s…I mean YOURS, in decent shape). What would you do? How would you feel? Would you leap and laugh and pinch yourself? Would you try it out…maybe power-walk a few miles or dance the cha cha or run around the house in your underwear?

This is really fun to think about – and it leads us to the next question:
 What would you do to keep it? How would you have to live in order to hang onto this new healthy body?

What kind of eating, moving and intentional care does it take to have the healthy body you want?

Since the chances of this morning-miracle happening are slim – how about the chances of it happening backwards instead? What if you started caring for the body you have right now just like it already is the new one you want? That new body consistently eats mindfully and moves intentionally – even when it doesn’t want to – because the pay off is so worth it. So what’s our big take-away?

What if you started waking up each morning and living like you have a healthy body:

You choose like you’re fit.

You eat like you’re fit.

You move like you’re fit.

You live like you’re fit.

You think like you’re fit.

You see where this is going…  You would end up quite fit!

Not by in the morning, but you would certainly end up feeling like doing the cha cha in no time.

So go ahead…stop wishing things were different. Stop hating on your body. Turn on some salsa music and jump start your miracle right now!

You & Your Body’s Noble Gift to the World!

happy2Our image saturated culture gives us one clear and shallow message over and over again: Look perfect. That’s all, just perfect. Oh…and young. Yes. Young too.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to those younger than ourselves is the gift of highly valuing our body at every age and stage. For them to see us age gracefully, embrace and enjoy our wrinkles and changes, walk with confidence and joy, laugh easily, and stay as active and vibrant as each year will allow – to intentionally choose not to give off the distinct message that we wish we were “young again”—this is a profound gift to the next generations.

         Flaunt your fifties and sixties.
         Enjoy your seventies and eighties with reckless abandon.
         Be proud of your nineties and beyond.
         Make ’em wish they were YOUR age!

A dear friend of mine passed away at 114. She embraced each year with gusto. Knowing her has had a profound effect on me! May we also pass on the priceless legacy of joy and gratitude at every age, inside and out. Those coming behind us just might escape the badgering of the relentless media if they see us, in large numbers, growing more vibrant and alive and at peace with ourselves with each passing year.

It’s not about the number on the scale or the year on your birth certificate. It is about your genuine, grateful joy and the sincere, intentional care of the one mind, body and soul you’ve been given.

This is our noble work.

FREE, Life-Changing Health Improvement !!! (this is no gimmick)


walkIt’s no longer theoretical. Sitting down is costing us our health, our energy, our money and our brain power.

Some of the psychological effects of sitting too much include:

  • putting your mind in a state of mental funk
  • affecting productivity at home or work
  • accumulation of ‘sticky blood’
  • harsh spikes in blood sugar rapidly affecting mood fluctuation
  • raises risk for heart attack, type 2 diabetes, insomnia, arthritis, and certain types of cancer
  • substantial increase in depression symptoms

BUT HOLD ON! There are quick, free and easy fixes:

  • Standing up, optimally every 15 minutes, and performing a different stretch exercise for 30-60 seconds
  • Taking phone calls standing up while pacing, including conference calls
  • Standing up during TV commercial breaks, or doing jumping jacks
  • Carrying a few bags of groceries to your car, rather than using a cart
  • Walking the block or the perimeter of the office during coffee break
  • Simply standing up and stretching 20 times throughout the daydesk

HEADS UP: If you happen to exercise regularly, this applies to you too. An hour of  vigorous daily exercise cannot compensate for the damage incurred by prolonged daily sitting.

This is personal for me. I stand up to do at least half of my computer work now and find it makes a HUGE difference in my sense of energy and well being. Others who have standing desks tell me the same thing.

I know it may feel weird at first – but this small, free, health improvement will change our lives…

For more go here:  http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2015/02/13/the-scary-side-of-sitting/

This Is Your Year – Go Get it!

Two powerful questions for 2015:

1.)  How do I want to feel this year?  What level of vitality do I want to have? dancingWhat kind of health improvements do I want to see?

2.)  What will that take? What kind of lifestyle will I need to lead in order to feel the way I want to feel?

Knowing what you really want is powerful.

One fly in the ointment: Certainly in our information-saturated culture you might feel that you can’t know the answer to the second question. There is too much conflicting information flying around to know any answers confidently; too many experts who don’t agree. However, if we put down our IPhones and walk away from our computers and stop watching Dr. Oz – we will know most of our answers.

If I want more energy, I can start where I am – standing, stretching, moving and dancing more (no one has to see).

If I want more health – I can make choices that support that. Sleep enough. Fuel mindfully. Play more. Lower stress. Set healthy boundaries with people who drain me. Have more fun!

If I want to go down a few pant sizes the above answers will be a huge step in that direction.  

One more note: We all have some obstacles which can make these answers feel too simple. We may need some help for a time – perhaps a wellness coach, a fitness trainer, physician, a therapist, or a walking buddy. This will look different for each of us. If you feel stuck, see where you need help and get it. But whatever you do – do not stand there convinced you can’t change things drastically for yourself. You can.

You were born with a deep innate wisdom about how to thrivelearning to trust yourself  just might be the most important work you do in 2015. This is your year – Go Get it!