4 Ways to Make Good Habits Stick

4 Research-based ways to turn your new habits into your new normal…

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Here’s how this excellent advice might play out in the area of mindless snacking at home:   4 Ways to Make Good Habits Stick

  1. Priming: Prime yourself for success. Have your walking shoes by the door so they are easy to grab.  Take a refreshing stroll when you think you might grab an unneeded snack. Even 2 minutes is extremely helpful!
  2. Defaults: Have life-giving choices available. A bowl of fresh fruit and nuts is inviting. Don’t have pre-packaged snacks around the house at all – they are just too easy to grab and then regret later. There will plenty of opportunity to mindfully sample them away from home.
  3. Commitments/Accountability: Trust me on this – everyone needs support. Find a Health Buddy and support each other through the snacking habit. Text, call, email – stay in touch for encouraging accountability until this old patter is replaced by a new one.
  4. Social Norms: You can go against them! When you encounter snacks out in the world remember that you are no longer grabbing them mindlessly. You are focused on feeling energetic! The truth is, most adults rarely need snacks at all – we are not growing anymore so we can usually fuel quite well at mealtime.

These 4 ways of making good habits a permanent part of your lifestyle are powerful and strategic – they put you in charge!