My Cookie Recalibration

My love affair with cookies is no secret…

cookieI love the little morsels of sweetness! They were a fun treat as a child – and my comforting friend when emotional pain pushed my buttons after childhood.

Recently I’ve noticed some changes (about 5 pounds worth) that have caused me to rethink my relationship with them – to adjust things so I can still enjoy my cookies and enjoy a comfortable weight too.

Life is constantly bringing changes in body and metabolism. Now, at 57, I’m noticing that carbohydrates are sticking to me more faithfully than they used to. “The Change” has brought changes!

Yes, I can still enjoy any food I want. The difference now is amount and quality of carbs. The more whole foods I enjoy the easier it is for my clothes to feel comfortable. If I have a week of more-than-usual birthday cake or cookies – even if I am not over-eating – I can tell a difference in my energy level and how my pants fit.

Some over-50 recalibrations:

•    Find more proteins, healthy fats and whole foods that you adore. They work much better in our adult bodies than processed carbs.

•    When we eat sweet treats we can choose to be intentionally mindful – since we know they’re very easy to over-eat. Savoring slowly is the key to stopping at a reasonable amount, remembering that “enough is a feast”. This is what intuitive people do and so can we.

•    Growing older healthfully means staying active and intuitively adjusting our fuel needs to our changing bodies.

•    A calorie is not a calorie – it’s more than math. Nutrient-rich fuel works better in the human body than nutrient-empty fuel.

•    Middle-aged bodies do not need many carbs. Carbs are high energy fuel and most of us are not high energy middle-agers.

I’m still figuring this out and would love to hear your thoughts. Together we can walk forward intuitively, mindfully and gloriously!