Don't Use the F – Word

5 Things About “Fattening”:                    Don't Use the F - Word                  

  1. No food is “fattening”.
  2. Eating more of any food than we can burn will cause us to store the excess fuel as fat.
  3. Thinking of a certain food as “fattening” backfires on us, causing us to eat NONE of that food … or … A TON of that food.
  4. HELPFUL FUEL FACT: It is true that not all foods work the same in our bodies. Whole foods (not processed sugary or snack foods) operate more efficiently and effectively in our bodies. The human body is designed to eat them.
  5. At the same time, we can enjoy some delightful bites of very rich foods now and then.

When it comes to rich foods – eat less and enjoy it more!

But please, don’t call them fattening.

Does Personality Affect Weight?

I ran across an interesting article in Health Magazine recently about our personalities affecting the way we respond to food.

823b67d16658c42e8fb7f7f4972efabbHere are a few of their observations:

  • People who are hard on themselves tend to weigh more because feelings of shame can lead to overeating
  • Impulsive people tend to eat more than cautious people
  • Introverts tend to be more disciplined with food and exercise
  • People-pleasers tend to be worn out by the end of the day and eat for comfort at night
  • Angry people tend to binge more often
  • Conscientious people tend to weigh less than I do
  • Night owls tend to weigh more because of late night eating

The point was made that we are not victims of our personalities.  But, understanding ourselves better is very helpful when it comes to changing the effects our tendencies might have on our health, energy and weight.

Some Practical Helps:

  • If you tend to be impulsive choose not to have snack foods around the house. Instead have a planned special treat once a week.
  • If you tend to be moody make sure you get lots of exercise (the kind you enjoy) because it will up your endorphins and can take the place of snacking.
  • If you’re an extrovert, plan fun things that don’t involve food – because you probably tend to overeat when socializing.
  • If you tend to be hard on yourself, begin to practice being a friend to yourself.
  • If you are a night owl begin to tweak your schedule and your menu to work for you rather than against you.

Certainly this is an elementary look at a complicated subject – but – opening the door to consider how our personalities might affect our food-life is empowering… and fascinating!

So…what do you think about this?

7 Powerful Holiday Helps

7 Powerful Holiday HelpsYou already know that eating thoughtfully, rather than on auto-pilot, is going to make every eating experience more enjoyable and you more healthy.

Here are 7 BIG holiday helps just for Thanksgiving:

1.    Do not starve all day in preparation for the “big meal”. You’ll be too hungry to make satisfying choices.

2.    Forget about eating your “greens” this one day – unless you truly want them. Your stomach has a limited capacity for these once-a-year foods so eat exactly what you would like to eat.

SUPPORT TOOL:  Look at your fist; it’s about the size of your stomach. It’s a helpful, handy reminder and guide.

3.    Think of yourself as a CONNOISSEUR – no one enjoys food more! Think in terms of truly delectable morsels rather than mindless huge amounts. Savor each thoughtfully chosen bite and you will leave more satisfied than anyone else.   

4.    Eat heartily – which means with your whole heart – fully engaged and present with the company and the food.

5.    Take time to enjoy a stroll for reflection and recalibration during the day.      

Getting out of the house breaks the eating spell and is very refreshing. This can be a short walk…just for pleasure and to clear your head.

6.    Determine NOT to eat in secret. You don’t have to.

   Eat what you want openly. Eat it with gratitude and grace because you are free.

7.    Be ready for the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Left-overs can scream at us to “finish them off”. If we aren’t prepared, we can let our awareness-guard down and fall back into old patterns.

Don’t let old thoughts of “I can’t waste this perfectly good food” push you around. You can honor your health and the food more by throwing it away than by putting in your body if you aren’t hungry. This is very freeing!

SUPPORT Tool: Have take-home containers ready so people can take food with them.

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday – whether you are alone or with many.

I am very thankful for YOU!