My Metabolism is Getting Picky – How’s Yours?

My Metabolism is Getting Picky – How’s Yours?I recently had my 58th birthday. Each year is a gift. There are also some changes that come with the territory…

Over the past few years* I’ve noticed that it takes less fuel to maintain my weight. I spent years feeling heavy and tired and I don’t want those feelings to creep back up on me.

A significant change I’ve noticed:

Processed food, refined foods and packaged treats put weight on my body faster than they used to.

As this realization began to dawn, it started a process. I did some experimenting with eating different amounts of these “fun foods”. Then, I had to acknowledge what I had learned – and grieve it. Then it was time to figure out some adjustments.

Here’s what’s working fairly well right now:

  • I cook at home most of the time – and prepare mostly whole foods. Thankfully there’s no end to terrific, easy, fast recipes.
  • When I enjoy an occasional sweet treat I usually plan to have it earlier in the day now – for breakfast or lunch, with some protein.
  • If I’m out with friends and they order dessert to share I usually enjoy 3 or 4 deliciously savored bites. It’s a livable compromise.
  • I have a rich piece of dark chocolate almost every day – if I want it. Lately I’ve been craving fruit more.
  • If I want four donuts for my birthday breakfast I have them. I generally have a birthday once a year so it all works out. Interesting thing though – this year I didn’t want them. Seriously!
  • I’m seeing how true it is that staying active helps keep our metabolism young. I’ve joined a gym close by for the first time ever – and I’m actually enjoying it (it took several months to be able to say that honestly)

And let’s end with the most important part – what goes on between our ears:

As we get older we can move toward being more deeply grateful for each delicious bite – rather than staying sad that we can’t eat as much as we once could. Certainly this takes some honest grieving at first, but after that – comes sweet freedom. 

What changes are you noticing and what adjustments are you making these days?


3 thoughts on “My Metabolism is Getting Picky – How’s Yours?

  • September 9, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    I think I will read this every day for a few weeks. I am going to print it out now….not later! Thanks. Patti

    P.S. I love it that you did not want your donuts this year!!!!! You could have them, but did not want them.

    • September 10, 2015 at 5:22 pm

      I am so glad this was encouraging Patti! And to tell you the truth, i never thought i would NOT want donuts for my birthday breakfast – but I just didn’t care about them. Miracles never cease 🙂

  • September 14, 2015 at 6:51 am

    Going through the medical issues last year you find out that without physical activity your metabolism also slows. In the beginning of that season of life it was ok because nothing tasted good and I did not eat that much. As I started to recover to the “new normal” foods began to taste good again. I feel into that trap of eating past full on things that I craved and not what my body needed. Thanks to your faithful blogs and email updates I got some encouragement I needed plus a doctor visit when he said “you have put on some weight since your last visit nine months ago.” I knew that not from the scales but by the fit of my clothes. I am now back on the wagon. I am now being more mindful, chosing carefully what I eat the most of, not obsessing over the weight but how I feel. Thank you Cindy for being a great coach.


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