Don't Complicate Things This Christmas

Don't Complicate Things This ChristmasThoroughly enjoying Christmas holiday goodies without regret is quite doable. Don’t over-think it…just pick a tool and use it. They really work!

  • Take three relaxing breaths before you take a bite
  • Think of yourself as a holiday food connoisseur – discerning and “picky”
  • Enjoy medium/small bites
  • Put your fork or food down between bites
  • Eat slowly, savoring each unique bite

Remember, mindful eating is not theoretical. It is experiential. As we practice mindfulness, we become more mindful. As we become more mindful we stop overeating and then we begin to reap all kinds of benefits! Energy goes up and weight goes down.

Make this the most enjoyable Christmas season you’ve had in a long long time. All it takes is a few simple tools.


7 Powerful Holiday Helps

7 Powerful Holiday HelpsYou already know that eating thoughtfully, rather than on auto-pilot, is going to make every eating experience more enjoyable and you more healthy.

Here are 7 BIG holiday helps just for Thanksgiving:

1.    Do not starve all day in preparation for the “big meal”. You’ll be too hungry to make satisfying choices.

2.    Forget about eating your “greens” this one day – unless you truly want them. Your stomach has a limited capacity for these once-a-year foods so eat exactly what you would like to eat.

SUPPORT TOOL:  Look at your fist; it’s about the size of your stomach. It’s a helpful, handy reminder and guide.

3.    Think of yourself as a CONNOISSEUR – no one enjoys food more! Think in terms of truly delectable morsels rather than mindless huge amounts. Savor each thoughtfully chosen bite and you will leave more satisfied than anyone else.   

4.    Eat heartily – which means with your whole heart – fully engaged and present with the company and the food.

5.    Take time to enjoy a stroll for reflection and recalibration during the day.      

Getting out of the house breaks the eating spell and is very refreshing. This can be a short walk…just for pleasure and to clear your head.

6.    Determine NOT to eat in secret. You don’t have to.

   Eat what you want openly. Eat it with gratitude and grace because you are free.

7.    Be ready for the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Left-overs can scream at us to “finish them off”. If we aren’t prepared, we can let our awareness-guard down and fall back into old patterns.

Don’t let old thoughts of “I can’t waste this perfectly good food” push you around. You can honor your health and the food more by throwing it away than by putting in your body if you aren’t hungry. This is very freeing!

SUPPORT Tool: Have take-home containers ready so people can take food with them.

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday – whether you are alone or with many.

I am very thankful for YOU!

Life Lessons From My Ezra May

Wow y’all, I’ve just witnessed intuitive living up close and personal. I’ve been in Seattle with my brand new granddaughter and she is one little dreamy bundle of preciousness!!

And she is 100% connected to her little body. She isn’t concerned about what anyone is thinking. She isn’t worried about how much she weighs. She isn’t distracted by her busy schedule. She just lets her tiny body tell her what comes next. ~ Life Lessons

Observations: She cried when she was hungry. She savored each gulp. She concentrated on the good warm milk and when she had enough she stopped nursing. She had the most wonderful look of satisfaction on her face after she was full. If her diaper was uncomfortable she squirmed and fussed until we figured it out. If she needed to burp or poop she made it known. She moved a lot – stretching and kicking and working her tiny baby arms. When she was sleepy she slept – even when we wanted her to wake up and visit with us.

Being that close to a brand new human being was fascinating!  Ezra May was a beautiful example of the connectedness we are all meant to have with these amazing bodies of ours.

Of course, in our noisy, busy, distracting world this can be a challenge. Here are a few things that can help us connect again…

Decide to intentionally:

•    FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME. Stop multi-tasking. When you’re talking with someone, be present. When you’re driving, drive. When you’re cooking, cook.
•    DO LESS. ENJOY MORE. Put some wiggle room in your schedule.
•    SLOW DOWN. Take the frenzy out of your movements.
•    BREATHE. Deeply and slowly.
•    10 MINUTES (minimum) OF QUIET STILLNESS EVERYDAY. Make room to close your eyes, turn off your thoughts and be still every day. It will make the other 23 hours and 50 minutes much brighter.

Fullness of life and soul is available to each of us, and living mindfully will make it a lot easier to experience.

These simple but powerful things get easier and easier as we practice them. Pick one and begin to make life-giving changes today.

Share with us – Let us know what you do to stay connected…

Find & Fix Your " Drinking Problem "


Drinking Problem

There are many reasons we might be carrying more weight than we wish we were – but one common reason is hidden fuel…those places where we’re taking in fuel without even realizing it.

Food we drink, rather than eat, is one of the easiest to miss.

On average Americans now drink 470 calories of fuel a day.

This is easy to do without realizing it for several reasons. We often drink on the run – so it doesn’t register. We drink without chewing (of course) – so it doesn’t register. We can carry something to drink around all day – so it doesn’t register. Since it doesn’t register we tend to eat our usual amount without taking into account the fuel we’ve been drinking all day.

The additional liquid fuel can lead to weight gain without the usual feeling of being too full – so we wonder why on earth our pants feel so tight…after all “I just don’t eat that much”.
The tough thing here is that even when your mind doesn’t register fuel – your body does. It has to store what isn’t used.

To get a handle on possible mindless drinking, ask yourself a few questions:

• What do I drink when I wake up?
• What do I drink with breakfast (or in place of breakfast)?
• What do I drink when I drive?
• What do I drink with lunch?
• What do I drink at my desk, in the break room, between meals, etc.?
• How many colas, sports drinks, juices, etc. do I drink?
• What do I drink with dinner?
• What do I drink after dinner?

Now, do some research so you know how much fuel you’re drinking.This is powerful information.

A great guard against a mindless drinking problem is to decide to drink one glass of water for every other drink in your day. This is a great start toward moderation, toward awareness, and toward getting enough water – which is the one liquid your body craves.

This small step can make a BIG difference over a year’s time.

BTW – If you’re not a water lover, give seltzer water with lime a try. It has the fizz and bite you’ll love! Add a bit of cranberry juice for color and extra Vitamin C.

Why Do I Crave Sweets?!?

Why Do I Crave SweetsAs long as I can remember I’ve heard “I have a sweet tooth.” To be a little more scientific about it lets look at some real reasons your brain and/or your body might be craving something sweet. The answers below come from an excellent article by OrganicAuthority*.

You probably crave sweets for the following reasons:

1. You aren’t getting enough protein in your diet. The best source for our energy is protein. If your body doesn’t get enough throughout the day, it starts to lose energy. Your brain sends out panic signals: I need energy now!!! Nothing gives your body a boost of quick energy like sugar. You reach for a candy bar in the afternoon, because you didn’t eat enough protein in the morning. Make a point to eat a high protein diet – and watch as your sugar cravings virtually disappear.

2. Sugar can act like a drug, a fantastically effective dopamine enhancer that works along the same lines as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. A diet loaded with sugar generates excessive reward signals in the brain, and over time, these pleasurable brain chemicals can override your willpower to create an addiction. Sugar feels so fantastic to your brain that it usurps your willpower in order to get its next fix. Take small steps in reducing your sugar intake, and reward yourself with something other than dessert for each little victory.

3. You have used up your willpower for the day. You’ve been “good” and practiced restraint all day – so when your husband brings home a package of gourmet cookies in the evening, you devour them. All of them. Willpower is a finite resource. You can’t follow the rules exactly every minute of your life, so at the end of the day when you are tired and your willpower is too – you reach for a cookie. Reward yourself in a non-edible way when you feel the urge to eat sweets coming.

4. Sweets remind you of happy times. As children, we are given sugary treats when we behave well or when times are happy (like holidays). We learn to associate the taste of sugar with happy feelings, and as adults, we try to recreate those sweet childhood memories. While everyone deserves to indulge now and then, emotional eating rarely brings the satisfaction you crave – and often it just makes you eat even more as you search for those happy feelings. Let yourself have one awesome treat each week. Eat it very slowly and enjoy every minute of it. This way you won’t feel like you are denying yourself – and you can sample the sweet treats that you truly want without giving in to cravings.

*Click here to see the full article:

Which of these reasons resonate with you?