Go Ahead. Do Something CRAZY!

Meet Beth. One of us. Throwing caution to the wind…

BETH (2)“Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens”. Not only do I love this quote, I also know it to be true – in my life and in my struggles with food and body.

I’m not a daredevil or a thrill seeker by nature, so why then had I found myself about to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet on a tandem skydive?!

So much had happened to lead me to that point. I knew without any doubt that I needed to do something bold and brave to prove to myself that I could. That no matter what life might throw at me, I could deal with; to serve as a reminder that if I can do this, I can do anything.

The experience of my Skydive was one I’ll never forget. The amazing adrenalin rush of free-falling followed by the peaceful serenity of floating under the parachute … so symbolic to me of my weight loss journey. A marker in my life to remind me to continue to make positive choices that are aligned with my goals and dreams of being the best me that I can be.

Our life and health will always be a journey. We will all face challenges and struggles – some of us on a daily basis. The better, most amazing version of us can’t happen if we remain where we are. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to make lasting, positive changes in all areas of our life.”

Thank you Beth! Thank you for pointing to the courage and deep desire to be fully alive in all of us. Thank you for living out the Big Truth that we do not have to be held down by a draining relationship with food.

Each of us can conquer this struggle – and – it might just be time to do something crazy to remind ourselves that THIS INDEED IS TRUE!



Why Can’t I Stop Snacking At Night?!

Late night eating is one of the top reasons Americans struggle with their weight. There are many reasons we fall into this frustrating  pattern, but here are three of the biggies:

1.    Not getting enough fuel during the day: The old diet message whispers that you should “eat light” for breakfast and lunch. By dinner time you’re starved and often the eating momentum continues until bedtime.

2.    Not connecting enough with eating experiences during the day: If breakfast and lunch are a blur, then your eating-enjoyment quota isn’t met. In the evening, when things quiet down, your mind reminds you that it wants the satisfaction it should’ve gotten during the day…and a sleeve of cookies will do the trick!

3.    Legitimate needs going unmet: Every human being is born with four innate needs. The need to belong. The need to be loved. The need to have some power over your life (not feel powerless) and the need for some FUN. We can ignore them or tell ourselves that we don’t need these things but we do, and our soul knows it very well. We are busy during the day – but in the quiet of the evening soul-hunger can feel an awful lot like food hunger.

When we understand what’s pushing us into the kitchen at 10 p.m. we can create strategies to change it. And get this – on average a person releases 24 pounds in a year when they stop eating after dinner. No diet. No calorie counting. No rice cakes.

Now that’s good news.

Grit, Focus & Time Make Dreams Come True

1e9b45fe0fde5329b3de65d99e67efad For the first time in history there are more overweight people in the world than undernourished people. There are many reasons for this of course, but at least four cultural factors have pushed us in this direction:

1.    Demands, distractions and stresses of everyday life have never been greater.

2.    Confusing, conflicting information about how to “lose weight” and get healthy is rampant.

3.    Food is more convenient, affordable and ever-present than it’s ever been before.

4.    Our long (impossible) diet history has zapped our confidence.

We all want to feel great – but – there is a gap between wanting it and the everyday reality of living with the frustration of overeating, under-exercising, over-stressing and having too little down-time.

PLEASE HEAR THIS LOUD & CLEAR: You can change your health. You can have the frisky life you dream of. You and your body can be good friends. You can create personal health habits that fit you and are doable.

You’ll need:

  • Some grit.
  • Some hope.
  • A year or two of intentional focus. It’ll fly.
  • Encouraging support – a coach who believes in you.  (There are MANY good ones available by phone and in person)
  • Your willingness to spend time, effort and resources on yourself.

How do you want to feel this time next year? Give it some courage, some time and some genuine attention – and watch your dream come true!



4 Powerful Practices for Weight Release (non-diet of course!)

9bbd62936ba9d29f9551edb26469bda7Many people are way down their road of liberated eating and are now maintaining a comfortable weight and enjoying a high level of well-being. A lot of these happy folks have many of the same practices in common. Certainly they’ve built a mindful and intuitive relationship with food and body; this is a non-negotiable if we wish to live in peace.

But what else?

There are some specific practices that keep them in permanent best-health-mode. Let’s look at a few here. Keep in mind that these are not rules you have to OBEY. These are simply life-style choices that yield very exciting results…

  1. 12 Hour Digestion Rest – your body likes to sleep while you are sleeping, and it burns fat while you sleep IF it isn’t having to burn late night snack fuel. People who do not eat after dinner are, on average, 25 pounds lighter than those who do.
  2. Low carb dinner – Carbs are high energy food. Evening is the low energy part of the day. Eating them in moderation in the evening keeps your body from having to store excess carbohydrates as fat.
  3. Sit Less, Move More – Our bodies are not built to sit much, even though our culture is. We lose muscle, strength, health and energy when we do. Stand, walk, bend, stretch. Many people find that a FitBit is a fun and helpful tool for keeping them mindful of how much they’re moving.
  4. Whole food fuel (mostly) – As folks add whole foods to their menu, and lean away from highly processed foods, they get more fiber, more nutrients, more chewing, more satisfaction, less extra weight and more health over time. Highly processed foods are like heroin to the taste buds and brain chemistry – but once we wean ourselves from them we develop a longing for foods that are real. An 80 whole food/20 processed food ratio lets us “have our cake and eat it too”.

The cool thing is that none of these things are terribly hard to do – and certainly much more agreeable than dieting ever was. And these things actually work – where dieting never did.

Please let us know what practices help you stay at your best health, weight and energy…

Bananas & Banana Moon Pies

Bananas & Banana Moon PiesWe Liberated Eaters live in the freedom to choose foods we actually want to eat when we’re hungry. Rather than being bossed around by DIET RULES, we are living intuitively now. The big goal is to THRIVE – to be fully alive and well in mind and body – rather than obsess over the number on the bathroom scale.

Part of being really well is giving our bodies the gift of life-giving fuel, and whole foods fit the bill. Whole foods are simply foods that are very close to their origin. Think real fresh fruit verses Fruit Roll Ups.

These whole foods – the stuff our great grandparents ate – have some spectacular benefits:

  • It takes less of them to satisfy (because they’re more substantial)
  • They don’t cause compulsive food cravings
  • They satisfy hunger longer than processed foods. Processed foods are “pre-digested” and do not stay long in the stomach.
  • It takes more fuel (calories) to digest whole foods
  • They’re yummy.
  • They have more fiber which is great for your “morning constitution”
  • Whole foods have all their natural nutrients intact
  • This is the fuel we’re created to run on. Your body loves them!
  • There are no added ingredients.
  • Whole foods are packed with micronutrients and phytochemicals.
  • Once you begin to substitute whole foods for processed foods you will begin to crave “the real thing”.

I hear from people all the time who have begun to eat more and more whole foods and are thrilled about it. They have a sense of deep satisfaction, solid well-being and they experience fewer food cravings. This has been my experience too.

One guideline that seems to work for many people is the 80/20 guideline: working your way to eating about 80% whole foods and 20% other foods, over time.

This is a win-win! I get all the good stuff my body wants to run on – and I get my banana Moon Pie too…because it just wouldn’t be summer without it.