Hope & Hurt Can Abide Together

Wisdom from a new mindful eater…

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“I am walking through some serious challenges because of my mother’s failing health. It’s a roller coaster – when she declines I feel the weight of grief; when she rallies I feel nearly giddy with joy.

I am continuing to be mindful when I eat and allowing myself to not eat if I don’t have an appetite.

Tonight I had the fleeting thought that I could make a cobbler but just smiled and thought that’s probably not a good idea right now. Victory!

I will be traveling to be with my mother. I’ve always seen travel as a “free pass” to eat badly. Not sure where I got this notion. The new idea that I can mindfully eat whatever I want as long as I’m hungry kind of messes with the free pass thinking. When I travel this week I will take my book and my cards and try to stay present and aware. I am going to be watching for the desire to eat for comfort.

I’m pretty health conscious already but since I have some weight to release I know being mindful is important.  I think it may be a back and forth thing for a while – does that make sense?

It sure does, Lori!

These are insightful thoughts. We can hear her pain, her self-compassion and patience with this journey – not requiring perfection from herself. And her hope is evident as well. She is staying open to moving forward and to learning even while she is in a difficult chapter. She understands that a true journey of change will be back and forth, up and down, easy and difficult, sane and crazy  – for a while.

As you stay the course, the ups will get longer and the downs will get shorter until one day you realize – you’re  there! You and food are healthy friends.

Thank you for sharing with us. We are cheering you (and your mother) on!

Unexpected Observation On Mindfulness

Breakfast, standing up…

eat standing upI thought of you this morning because I was standing at the kitchen counter to eat breakfast.

I was looking out the window onto the world and thoroughly, mindfully enjoying my Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast with peanut butter, a ripe red pear and a glass of milk. I was standing – but not on auto-pilot.

Every bite was a nourishing treat. I was standing because today I will be sitting more than usual. I was standing because I felt a bit antsy. Breathing deeply and standing to eat felt good – it intuitively felt right for this morning.

We often talk about sitting down to eat, taking a few relaxing breaths, etc. These are great and wise steps toward becoming mindful eaters.

But as with all things intuitive, there is no formula. 

Connecting is the point. Connecting with our eating experience leads to satisfaction. Satisfaction leads to eating less and enjoying more. Eating less and enjoying more leads to better health and less weight. This is what we want – and what we can have.

Trust yourself to know how to connect with the good gift of eating good food in order to fuel your good life. Don’t turn wise guidelines into rules. Let yourself think through what it means specifically and personally – for you, in your world, on this day.

What helps you connect with your eating experiences?

Struggling with Night Eating?

 Check this out…

Many people who habitually struggle with late night eating do not get enough protein during the day. They eat, but their body is not sufficiently satisfied. Then by the time things calm down after dinner – it’s crazy time!

Please don’t underestimate the POWER OF PROTEIN. Eat enough of it during the day, for a month, and see what changes for you.


For more on the powerful stuff, click here:  http://blogs.webmd.com/food-and-nutrition/2012/07/the-power-of-protein.html 

What’s your experience with this?

No Smack Talkin’ !

Tune in …

brainWhen it comes to you and food, how has your inner conversation been lately? Hopeful, proactive, snarky, discouraging? The words we use in our heads matter.

Tune in (as a curious observer) over the next few days and see what’s going on in there. If you find that you’re categorizing food or how you eat it as good or bad – right or wrong – then food and your reaction to it are being elevated to a moral issue. Eating becomes emotionally charged which makes it very difficult to make decisions that take us to our health goals.

However, when our inner conversation is about how we feel in our body (awareness) then our choices are not so emotionally charged. There’s a big difference between “Wow, eating lunch so quickly today made me feel bad all afternoon” and “Yuck, I’m a disgusting pig!”

One is an observation that can lead to change and the other is a personal attack.

What happens in your brain all day matters. Practice using life-giving, forward-moving words today and see change tomorrow.

No Problem! Don't Worry!

I’ve been forced to stare persistence in the face lately.

child on phoneBetween the sad diagnosis of my currupted computer and the long, tedious remedy I have just spent the better part of 8 days on the phone with Microsoft and my new best friends in India. They were hopeful, helpful, patient and undaunted – even though my computer continually revealed new and deeper problems. Many times during the process I felt discouraged and scared but Mokesh, Moira and Narendra just kept plowing ahead, pulling me along, finding a way around each new obstacle. “No problem. Don’t worry!” they kept saying. They knew what I did not know – I could have a healthy computer in spite of obstacles.

And that’s exactly what I know about you and your amazing body…

You and your body can be friends.

Eating can become a ritual of peace and blessing for you.

Yep, you may feel scared and discouraged along the way, unexpected obstacles will spring up … AND … you can do this and its worth all your good effort.

Please, oh please, keep yourself supported. There are tons of ways to do this and I will be happy to help you figure out what suits you best. No one has to walk this journey alone.

No problem! Don’t worry! You can have your best health.


                           Let us know how you stay encouraged and supported.